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Welcome to Desert Island Decks

Welcome to Desert Island Decks

Are you ready to take a musical journey?

Our aim & concepts are very simple.

Our Aim:

To entertain you the music lover, as we showcase some of the best DJ talents out there, from all generations, genres and corners of the globe.

Our Concept:

One Question / One DJ / One Island

One Question: “DJ – What Mix would you take” – Our DJ is then transported to the residents seat on Desert Island Decks for 1 week. He or She is allowed to take just one 90 minute mixed set with them. They Select a 3 year timespan (e.g.: 2001-2003) and a genre, they then choose their top tunes and produce their ultimate set for your journey to Desert Island Decks.

One Guest DJ: “One week on the Island” – Our list of future DJ trippers to the Island is extensive and varied – enough to please even the most discerning of listener. You only like early 90’s old-school? No problem. You prefer 2010+ Modern Tech Funk? We have it covered.

One Island: “It’s your Island” – The Island is in your “Heart, Soul & Imagination”. Let our guest DJ’s take you to that Island and cherish that very special moment.

Please enjoy your journey to the Island.