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The Sound of Goa Pt 1 – GoaBuoyNuh

The Sound of Goa Pt 1 – GoaBuoyNuh

  • Posted on: October 28, 2016
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We have a new guest kicking things off on the Island this weekend and starting of The Sound of Goa, we welcom GoaBuoyNuh !!

GoaBuoy is an idea, a concept born out of the Goa beach-party experiences over the years where the focus is on exploring and painting sonic-soundscapes without the restrictions of style. The event is more of a ceremony with one or two DJ taking the crowd on a musical-trip!
A concept promoted by Manu who is spinning music as a DJ since 1992. Starting with a string of club-residencies in Bombay (1992-2008) his musical journey as a DJ has taken him to Bombay; Goa; Marseille; Perpignan n Ibiza. A DJ familiar with spinning on tape/vinyl/CD/controller GoaBuoy Manu spins a wide range of music according to the time; set and the setting.

club residencies held :
1992/94 Rumours; Poona
1997/99 ClubAbyss/RazzRhino; Bombay.
1999/2003:Strike10/Avalon; Bombay
2006/2008:Leela Kempenski,Bombay
2008/2009:Taj Vivanta,Goa

Keep up to date with GoaBuoyNuh on :
So have a listen, enjoy, and please share.